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Products that are used to finish a building during construction or renovation.


Air Care Dispensers (13 Variants)

Air care dispensers deodorize and add scent to a room or area.

Architectural Coatings (556 Variants)

Architectural coatings include paints, sealers, and specialty coatings for floors, roofs, walls, ceilings, decks, pavement, walkways, concrete surfaces, and other building and construction applications.

Balcony Systems (15 Variants)

Balcony systems (commonly referred to as balconies) are above-grade ledges which extend from a structure and primarily provide inhabitants with an observatory platform and outdoor ambiance.

Balustrades (93 Variants)

Balustrades are rows of repeating balusters, small posts that support the upper rail of a railing (as on a staircase or balcony). Balustrades are usually made of fiberglass, cast stone, wood, or metal.

Cabinets and Casework (645 Variants)

Cabinets and casework includes cabinets and casework for various uses and applications. They are made of wood, plastic, steel, aluminum or composite materials.

Ceiling Tiles and Panels (133 Variants)

Ceiling tiles and ceiling panels are products and materials used to finish and/or decorate room ceilings.

Curtain Walls (125 Variants)

Curtain walls are lightweight exterior cladding systems that attach to a building or structure, usually from floor to floor, to provide a façade. They modify the exterior appearance, but do not carry the dead load of the building or structure.

Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS) (19 Variants)

Exterior insulation and finishing systems (EIFSs) are structural overlays placed on a building exterior. These systems are insulative, waterproof, and attractive composite protection systems for residences and buildings.

Fascia Covers (20 Variants)

Fascia covers protect the vertically-oriented edge of a roof. They run along the perimeter of the roof to protect the underlying rafters and top of the exterior wall from weather damage and animals/insects.

Floor Coatings (332 Variants)

Floor coatings are tough protective layers used in applications where heavy surface wear or corrosion is expected. Typical applications include warehouses, chemical plants, and manufacturing floors.

Flooring (industrial) (872 Variants)

Industrial flooring includes a variety of materials that are used to permanently cover a floor.

Hand Dryers (39 Variants)

Hand dryers are electric-powered appliances that are used to dry hands after they have been washed.

Hand Soap Dispensers (31 Variants)

Hand soap dispensers conveniently distribute surfactant compounds near sinks so users can clean their hands.

Mouldings (260 Variants)

Mouldings are profile-cut lengths of wood, medium-density fiberboard, foam, or polyvinylchloride that are placed around openings such as windows and doors, or around ceilings and floors to give them a finished, decorative appearance.

Napkin, Tissue, and Towel Dispensers (26 Variants)

Napkin, tissue, and towel dispensers store, organize, and enable access to paper tissue or fabric napkins, tissues, and towels.

Room Partitions (183 Variants)

Room partitions are used to separate interior space for work or privacy.

Siding and Exterior Wall Coverings (283 Variants)

Siding is used to cover the exterior of a building for protective and decorative purposes.

Stair Treads and Nosings (91 Variants)

Stair treads and nosings are stair and staircase components that provide wear resistance, corrosion resistance, structural, and anti-slip functionality.

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